News: Volume III of the Proceedings of the 28th Conference have now been published. Click here to read.

ITTC Association

At the inaugural meeting taking place in Gdansk, Poland, on 17 September, 2018, the ITTC Association was formally established as a non-commercial association according to art. 60 of the Swiss civil code. The statutes and articles may be found here.

The inaugural meeting was attended by 30 AC members, who are now identified as the founding members. All other organisations presently listed as members of ITTC automatically become members of the ITTC Association.

As the first Chairman the inaugural meeting elected Fabio di Felice.

Welcome to ITTC

The International Towing Tank Conference is a voluntary association of worldwide organizations that have the responsibility for the prediction of the hydrodynamic performance of ships and marine installations based on the results of physical and numerical experiments.

ITTC is recognized as an NGO with observer status to IMO, the International Maritime Organization, where ITTC participates actively in matters regarding safety and performance.

The Full Conference, comprising representatives of all member organizations, is held every three years and constitutes the highest authority of the ITTC. The Executive Committee is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the ITTC, assisted by the Advisory Council on technical matters. A number of permanent and specialist technical committees perform defined work tasks between Full Conferences and report to the Full Conference.

The venue of the Full Conference circulates between the six regions Americas, Northern Europe, Central Europe, Southern Europe, East Asia and Pacific Islands.