Joint ITTC-ISSC Committee

ISSC - ITTC Joint Committee was created as a follow up of the contacts and cooperation that has been established along the years among various committees of both organizations. The committees that are more directly related with wave modelling and analysis and with wave induced responses have had a long tradition of communication and cooperation although this has also happened with other committees.

Aims of the ISSC - ITTC Joint Committee 
The ISSC-ITTC Joint Committee consists of members from both organisations with the aim of undertaking and promoting studies that enable the determination of the accuracy and uncertainty of existing calculation methods for comparison with experimental results (and their associated uncertainty).
The Joint Committee should not be concerned with aspects of work that would routinely be undertaken by the standard committees from both organisations but should focus on aspects, like benchmark and comparative studies that may require more time to complete. 
Scope of the ISSC-ITTC Joint Committee
The scope of work of the ISSC-ITTC Joint Committee should address aspects such as:
• Physical and experimental methods of modelling and representing the environment and the response of ships and offshore structures to the environmental excitations, 

• Sources of sensitivity of results to uncertainties in physical tests, including modelling of the environment, response of floating structures input data, assumptions and procedures themselves,

• Benchmark studies on wave modelling,

• Benchmark studies relating to measurement and prediction of linear and nonlinear loads and responses,

• Benchmark studies relating to the prediction of whipping and springing effects on torsional loads.
The outcome of the work of the joint committee would contribute to the understanding of the state of the art and in this way contribute to the work of the traditional committees in each of the parent organisations.

 ISSC - ITTC Joint Committee membership
Chairman:  Carlos Guedes Soares, Portugal

Elzbieta Bitner-Gregersen, Norway 
Stefano Brizzolara, USA 
Spyros Hirdaris, Finland 
Kazuhiro Iijima, Japan 
Yongwon Lee, UK 
Ning Ma, China 
Bettar el Moctar, Germany 
Apostolos Papanikolaou, Greece 
Josko Parunov, Croatia 
Wei Qiu, Canada 
Xueliang Wang, China  
Takuji Waseda, Japan 
Michael Woodward, Australia 
Solomon Yim, USA 
Julie Young, USA